7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Reigns Supreme

Let’s face a simple fact today – email marketing is old.

We mean, it’s been around for over half a century. And though it’s changed its avatar many times, email remains one of the most preferred modes of communication on the planet.

But in the era of WhatsApp, Facebook and TikTok, does email even stand a chance?

If you’re asking that question, then be ready for a surprise. Even in 2020, email remains the most-loved and most used marketing tool. Especially for B2B outreach, email has no equal.

With a monster ROI of 3800%, there’s no wonder that email still reigns supreme. But what makes this simple electronic invention such a timeless attraction? The following are some of the reasons why email is still the monarch of marketing.

Email Marketing Is Measurable

Today, we live in the data economy, where everything must be measured with pinpoint precision. Email marketing fits this bill perfectly.

Every aspect of email, from the number of emails sent and the open rate to the bounce as well as conversion rates, can be measured. This makes the performance measurement and consequent modification of email marketing efforts a simple task.

Email Is Personalised

Unlike many traditional marketing channels, email can be personalised to the receiver. Using email, marketers can craft specific messages for individual audiences.

This helps to improve the targeting as well as evaluation of email efforts. Through a personalised approach, marketers can elicit better, faster responses from the recipients.

Email Is Buyer-Stage Independent

Marketing channels such as blogs and videos are specific particular stages of the buyers’ journey. Email, however, is suitable for reaching out to customers at any level of the buyers’ journey.

Using email, marketers can convey relevant information to customers in the awareness, consideration as well as decision phases. This makes it a versatile tool for customer communication.

Email Is Perfect For Any Customer Type

Although we mentioned that email is particularly suited for B2B marketing, it’s also equally suitable for B2C marketing. Email open rates hover at around 20-25%, which is great when compared to other channels, traditional as well as digital.

Not only that but also an email can be customised according to the customer type that you’re targeting. Such flexibility is possible in very few other marketing channels.

Email Can Be Automated

Marketers can easily reduce their working times and achieve more using email automation and scheduling. Email marketing tools such as MailChimp have excellent features that allow you to set up automated campaigns that truly convert.

Email Isn’t Intrusive

Whereas other modes of marketing are largely intrusive and may seem as disturbing, email is a permission-based medium.

This means that you can only send someone an email message if they’ve shared their email ID with you. Further, with email, the recipients can respond as per their schedule. This makes it less of a nuisance than other modes of communication.

Email Is Versatile

Finally, the last but most important point in favor of email has to be this: email is extremely versatile. Email marketing is not merely restricted to the realm of text-based messages.

In fact, an email is a perfect tool for disseminating images, videos, infographics…you name it and email has the capability to handle it. Using email, marketers can even craft messages that have an emotional edge. This makes emails the most versatile marketing channel there is.

Final Words

From the above, it’s clear that if the customer is king, then email is still the kingmaker. And OKdot can help you harness the power of this brilliant marketing channel.

Our email marketing experts can help to elevate your email campaigns to greater levels of success. So, get in touch today, and see the magic happen.


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