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360 degree and dedicated solutions suited to the exact needs of your business. Focus on innovation, efficiency, and revenue maximisation.

iMIS Services

Extract full advantage from the latest iMIS developments. Benefit from updated infrastructure, real-time data analysis, and tacit support.

iMIS Products

Avail robust Management and Engagement products to boost productivity and efficiency. Augment revenues with intuitive UX, targeted problem-solving and diverse capabilities.


Comprehensive analysis of business processes for smarter management, smooth transition, and affordable implementation. We assist as members of your team!

Wide range of iMIS Solutions and Counting…

Pseudo Code offers a wide-range of iMIS solutions. We are proud to have one of the widest range of iMIS products.

Powering Innovation, Driving Success, Creating Benchmarks

We cherish challenges! They bring out the best from us. We believe that no two projects are the same. Developing truly innovative strategies and customised solutions for each client is where we derive our fulfilment from. When we are not tackling challenges faced by our clients’ businesses, we are busy setting benchmarks in iMIS service and product development. Our vastly experienced team shows you the light in the dark and beyond!

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Why Pseudo Code?

Latest Technology
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Serving your business to stay ahead of times with the latest technology.

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Wide-range of fully embeddable tools backed by customised product development.

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In-depth analysis and novel problem-solving methods for maximum returns and smooth processes.

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 The empathetic support team that minimises hassle and guides for the future.

Guided by Values and Strong Ethics

We help our client's businesses in all technical aspects. Our solutions and services help in realising the full potential and expand the frontiers of what’s achievable with technology.

Commitment to Excellence

We strive to provide solutions that set new trends for the use of technology in the client's industry. Our products and services aim at smoothening business processes.

Designing for Future

Our developers don't just design the solutions for what you need today, but what your business might need in the future. This will give you our commitment to your business.


Your understanding of the use of technology will broaden while working with us. This will lead to new expectations and demands. We love to incorporate your fresh requirements anytime during the projects.

Success Stories

Our history is simply a collection of episodes of success stories of our clients. We pride ourselves on the variety of solutions we have delivered. Pseudo Code serves clients across the widest spectrum of industries. Over 50% of our current projects are with repeat customers.

Sarah - CEO
We are a team well equipped and driven with result-oriented principles and operations to build up your business. When Sarah from Los Angeles consulted us with the issues she faced in her company, we were able to identify that she needs a customizable product. Sometimes, it is essential that you need a program that works only for you. Using the later technology under iMIS, were able to boost her business to 20% sales.
Kevin - Director
To be able to put our best foot, we need to gain your trust. It is understandable when our customers want to see our performance history to trust their business issues with us. Kevin from Melbourne was impressed and happy about how our experiences, past projects, and progress is an open book to you all. This made him trust us with the work we do and we could help him improve his company's Engagement Management System.
Henri - Owner
We completely understand that not all our clients would find communications easy while talking business, but with us it's different. Henry from London was extremely comfortable and delighted to communicate with us about wanting an updated version of eCommerce website tools because we have made sure that our team is understanding and empathetic while communicating to customers.
Frequently Asked Questions

iMIS is a robust cloud-based Engagement Management System. It offers some of the best database merger features. It eases the processes for connecting and engaging members, donors, employees, and stakeholders to ensure retention. Together with iRiSE web development platform it enables building, editing, and customising websites dealing with databases.

Pseudo Code is an expert iMIS products, development, service-provider, and consultancy company. It’s an authorised iMIS consultant that offers data integration and implementation, backed by empathetic support staff. Pseudo Code understands and analyses the organisations’ problems to offer readymade and custom solutions.

Pseudo Code can study the problems and needs of your organisation. It carries out a thorough analysis of your business processes to suggest the techniques for bringing the best out of iMIS. It can help you with iMIS implementation, transition to iPart based staff portal, and latest upgrades to the platform.

Pseudo Code is already a leader and a trusted name in the Asia-Pacific region. We are an Australia-based company. However, our portfolio is global. We have clients from the USA, Canada, and Europe, besides the Asia-Pacific region. We work with businesses and organisations from any region as long as we are sure that we will add value to them.

Pseudo Code strives to make iMIS more productive and efficient for its users. It’s our policy to inform you of all the upgrades in the platform and tools. We deliver uncluttered solutions. Whenever the need arises, we will offer upgrades to the extensions with ASI-approved tools.

Pseudo Code support staff is eager to listen to the issues and problems that you face mid-way. Our experts will guide you to exploit the rich iMIS features and offer tips and tricks for better and uninterrupted performance. From minor hiccups to issues requiring greater attention, our support staff is there for you 24/7.

Pseudo Code is currently offering products for data integration, iMIS implementation, visitor tracking, eCommerce website tools, content delivery, dynamic filtering, area-based search, event management, and website design and development. We strive to upgrade the products and expand the collection to offer all-encompassing iMIS solutions.

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